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Rental Application

If you are interested in one of our properties, please download and fill out our Rental Application below.

Rental Application


Lease Agreement

Below we have an example of one of our Lease Agreements.

Courtney Rentals

Lease agreement


We,______________________And____________________ do understand and agree to comply with the following terms of this lease agreement with

Ralph Courtney. 

Date of agreement__________Leased address___________________________

Effective lease date_________One or two person monthly rate $_____________

Security deposit $___________Pet deposit  $____________________________


1.   All rent is due and payable on or before the first of each month.  Rent is to be paid by check or money order and mailed to:

                        Courtney Rentals

                                                4422 S Fannin Ave

                                              Denison, TX 75021


2.  There will be a late rent penalty of 10% of the monthly rental for payments postmarked after the 2nd of the month.  Yours would be $________________

If not postmarked by the 10th of the month the penalty will be 20%.  Yours would be $_________________.


3.  Tenant agrees:

A.  To Sublet no part of the premises.

            B.  To allow owner reasonable access to inspect premises, and/or show                       premises to prospective tenants.

            C.  To pay all utility bills, including any required utility deposits for                                 premises.

            D.  To make no changes to premises or grounds at any time including                          painting.

            E.  To provide own trash cans and not clutter premises or grounds.

            F.  To maintain lawn and grounds.


4.  Pets:  In addition to the security deposit, a $500.00 pet deposit must be made for each pet prior to tenant keeping or housing any dog, cat, bird, or any other animal.

            A.  Landlord must receive the $500.00 pet deposit  before pet may be                     brought on premises.

            B.  Landlord may ban any pet that causes any problems to the property or                       neighborhood.

            C.  No outside pens, fences, houses or runs are allowed.


5.  After the lease period, if tenant continues to occupy property, lease will be on a month to month basis.  A notice of intent to vacate must be given by the first day of the month prior to the month of moving.


6.  Tenant understands the landlord does not pay for or provide any insurance of any kind on their contents (fire, flood, or otherwise).


7.  Assuming all terms of this agreement have been upheld, on vacating premises, and after inspection by landlord, tenants security deposit will be refunded promptly, less cost of cleaning and /or repairs, ordinary wear and tear being excepted.


8.  All parties agree and understand that this is a binding contract for twelve months.  Tenant specifically understands that rental payments are due for the entire lease period regardless of whether or not tenant occupies the property. 


9.  To use premises for residence for one or two persons and no other purpose whatsoever, extra rental shall be charged at $50.00 per person per month for over two persons.


10.  Parking in designated areas only.  No parking on lawn areas or blocking drives.  City ordinance prohibits parking in yards.


11.  No playground equipment allowed in common areas.



Damages, cleaning or repairs needed:

            1.  On occupying________________2.  On vacating_________________














Nearest Relative______________________Address_______________________





For Leasing or maintenance call:  Ralph Courtney, Jr. at (903) 814-0232